Best Litter Box for Rv

Choosing the Best Litter Box For RV

If you’re an RVer with a cat, you know that finding a good litter box can be a challenge. You need a litter box that is small enough to fit in your RV, but still large enough for your cat to comfortably use. You also need a litter box that is easy to clean and that won’t leak. RVing with your cat can be a great way to explore the country and have adventures together. However, it’s important to make sure your cat has everything they need to stay comfortable and healthy on the road, including a litter box.

Traditional litter boxes can be difficult to use in an RV, as they can be messy and difficult to clean. However, there are a number of specialized litter boxes that are designed for RV travel. These litter boxes are compact, easy to clean, and designed to reduce odor.

In this blog post, we will discuss the best litter boxes for RVs, as well as tips for keeping your cat’s litter box clean and in good condition.

rv camping with a cat automatic cat litter

Types of Litter Boxes for RVs

There are three main types of litter boxes for RVs:

  • Open litter boxes: These are the most common type of litter box for RVs. They are easy to find and relatively inexpensive. However, they can be messy and difficult to clean.
  • Enclosed litter boxes: These litter boxes are more enclosed than open litter boxes, which can help to contain the mess. They are also easier to clean than open litter boxes. However, they can be more expensive and difficult to find.
  • Travel litter boxes: These litter boxes are designed for travel. They are small and lightweight, making them easy to transport. They are also leak-proof, which can help to prevent accidents.

Features to Look for in a Litter Box for RVs

When choosing a litter box for your RV, there are a few features you should look for:

  • Size: The litter box should be large enough for your cat to comfortably use. It should also be small enough to fit in your RV.
  • Material: The litter box should be made of a durable material that is easy to clean. Plastic is a good option, as it is lightweight and easy to disinfect.
  • Lid: If you choose an enclosed litter box, make sure the lid is secure. You don’t want your cat to be able to escape from the litter box.
  • Scoop: The litter box should come with a scoop. This will make it easier to clean the litter box.
  • Filter: Some litter boxes come with a filter. This can help to trap odors and keep your RV smelling fresh.

Best Litter Boxes for RVs

Here are some of the best litter boxes for RVs:

Smart Odor Control Cat Litter Box, XL Covered Litter Box for Multiple Cats, Indoor Enclosed Large Cat Litter Box with Lid, Anti-Leakage, Easy Clean, Includes Scoop and Mat

rving with your cat

The Smart Odor Control Cat Litter Box is an enclosed litter box that is designed to help keep your home smelling fresh. The litter box features a built-in ionic deodorizer that helps to neutralize odors. It also has a carbon filter that helps to trap odours. The litter box is also large enough to accommodate multiple cats, and it has a lid to help prevent litter from tracking out. The Smart Odor Control Cat Litter Box is easy to clean, and it comes with a scoop and a mat.

Here are some of the features of the Smart Odor Control Cat Litter Box:

  • Built-in ionic deodorizer: Helps to neutralize odors
  • Carbon filter: Helps to trap odours
  • Large size: Accommodates multiple cats.
  • Lid: Helps prevent litter from tracking out.
  • Easy to clean: The litter box is easy to scoop and clean.
  • Comes with scoop and mat: The litter box comes with a scoop and a mat to make cleanup even easier.
  • If you are looking for an enclosed litter box that helps to keep your home smelling fresh, the Smart Odor Control Cat Litter Box is a great option. It is large enough to accommodate multiple cats, and it is easy to clean. The built-in ionic deodorizer and carbon filter help to neutralize and trap odors, so you can be sure that your home will smell fresh.

CatGenie A.I. Self-Cleaning, Fully-Flushing, Self-Scooping, Automatic Cat Box, Small (Latest Model)

About the Cat Genie A.I Self Cleaning

rving with cats
rving with cats
  • 1 CatGenie A.I. WiFi Connected Unit, 1 Box Washable Granules, 1 SaniSolution Cartridge
  • Eliminates cat litter from your life. Uses litter-like, Washable Granules that never need changing.
  • Washes itself clean with Veterinarian-approved SaniSolution and water after every cat visit.
  • Your cat will always find a box that is not only clump free, it’s waste, dust and odor free.
  • Includes 2-Year Warranty. Customer Support Available 7 Days Per Week.
  • Product Dimensions: CatGenie A.I. is 19.25″ wide in front. 17.5″ wide top, 21″ high, 24.5″ deep allowing for hoses. Water Supply Hose 8′ long, Drain Hose 10′ long. Must be installed where access to cold water line and waste line is accessible.

Pet Zone Smart Scoop Automatic Cat Litter Box, Semi Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box for Up to Two Cats 6-15 Pounds

rving with cats2
Rving with cats
  • Say Goodbye To Your Litter Scoop – This self cleaning cat litter box uses a smart sensor for triggered activation of cleaning cycle within 30 minutes of cat use. A great alternative to a traditional cat litter box for busy cat parents
  • Designed for Mess and Odor Control – An angled deflector with fins and raised height decreases litter scatter, spray and ensures cat litter clumps stay inside this litter box. Odor is minimized as waste is raked into covered and lined receptacle
  • Easy to Clean – Simple and easy disassembly for cleaning and maintenance with modular components. Clean with pet-friendly soap and water. Smart Scoop Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box includes a one-month suppoly of no-touch cat litter waste bags
  • Quiet Operation – Quiet motor within this cat litter box automatic self cleaning with minimual household disruption for you or your cats. A must-have addition to your cat accessories is this self cleaning litter box for up to 2 cats
  • For Best Results – One Smart Scoop per two cats, 6 – 15 pounds. Not suitable for kittens younger than 6 months. Use clumping, crystal or pine kitty litter and never fill above max fill line. Not suitable for small spaces like closetes or trailers

Choosing the right litter box for your RV is important for keeping your cat happy and healthy. By considering the size, material, features, and price of the litter box, you can find the best litter box for your needs.

Additional Tips

  • Place the litter box in a quiet, private location.
  • Change the litter regularly.
  • Clean the litter box thoroughly every few days.
  • Add a litter box liner to make cleanup easier.
  • Use a litter that is made for cats who travel.

By following these tips, you can help to keep your cat’s litter box clean and odor-free, even while you’re on the road.

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